KB Spennteknikk AS has a product range that consists of BBR CONA post tension systems together with our own bearing and expansion joints systems for the building and construction sector. We carry out specialised services as a sub-contractor for the main contractors, and produce special products for the offshore sector. It is important for us to have a skilled workforce comprising well-qualified personnel with a high level of competence, long experience and a good technical background. We ensure that both production and installation follow strict guidelines to provide the best possible result.

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Our post tension systems include BBR CONA-MULTI, which is used for bridges, tanks, and offshore constructions as well as bridge foundations, large buildings and dams. BBR CONA-SINGLE is a system for post tensioned slabs and beams aimed at the building sector. We have also pressing bar systems for special assignments.


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Our range of bearings includes our own TOBE pot bearings and other rubber-based bearings, as well as steel bearings for various applications. TOBE pot bearing, which is the leading brand in bridge bearings in Scandinavia, is produced to international standards. The bearings are designed to meet the most severe requirements of the Norwegian, Swedish, and other EU standards. We also produce bearings for very heavy loads and special bearings for the offshore industry.


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We have joint systems which cover all applications, from the smallest Neoferma rubber profile with a 4mm expansion, to aluminium finger joints for movements in the range 80 – 200 mm and Tensa-Lastic lamellar joints with up to 800 mm or more movement as standard. Joints for greater movements can be produced to special order.


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Within the offshore field we specialise in elastomeric bearings, which are used for taking up rotations and movements. We have also installed these bearings, as occasion arose, to reduce fatigue in stiff connections and to dampen vibrations. By using elastomeric bearings we create an elastic connection between different parts of the platform. Vibration dampers are used to isolate accommodation areas from production areas.


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Special services include, for example, heavy lifting, and our highly qualified travelling fitters carry out work over the whole of Scandinavia on short notice. They also undertake special work and repairs to bridges and other infrastructure.


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Special products are manufactured in our modern engineering works at Kongsvinger. We have a permanent and skilled workforce, which makes us a preferred supplier of tailor-made solutions for the offshore industry. We also undertake such work as, for example, robot racks and transportable helicopter-landing platforms for the Swedish and Norwegian armed services.