KB Spennteknikk AS has been working to strict quality standards since the development of the nuclear energy plants at Ringhals, Forsmark and Oskarshamn in Sweden during the 1970's and 1980's. Our goal is for our customers to get the greatest possible value-for-money, while at the same time ensuring that the products are produced in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Since 1994 we have been certified in accordance with international standard NS-EN ISO 9001.


In order to reach our goals we attach importance to the development of the individuals in our organisation, in order to create confidence and inspire them to take responsibility. Our goals in quality control are a continuing reduction in inconsistencies, complaints and the elimination of injury or damage to people, equipment or the environment.

Quality assurance and improvements are a natural part of our organisation, and are monitored through periodic and regular revision of our systems. We register, report and follow up all significant cost deviations. Product quality will not be reduced at any stage because of time, quantity or economic goals. These systems are assessed and revised at least twice every year.

We are currently integrating ISO 14001 in our quality assurance system. This work is expected to be finished during 2000..

If you would like more information about our quality control systems you can order the complete brochure here, or contact the head of quality control, Stig Solbjør: lindstrand@spennteknikk.no


Our primary objectives – through a systematic approach – are to reduce pollution in the atmosphere, increase employee safety and prevent accidents. These objectives shall be achieved through a continuous search for better solutions of both technical and organisational nature within realistic economic limits. HSE and quality assurance and HSE and quality improvement will be a natural part of our organisation. HSE protection shall be used for all activities that can affect health, safety and the environment.

We have developed a system for internal controls which includes the following:

• Administrative regulations
• Non-Conformances
• Correct IVE Actions
• Plans of action for HSE improvements
• Updating of the system
• Internal control revisions
• Contingency plan
• Training in health, environmental and safety work
• Co-operation
• Internal control at construction and plant sites
• Scaffoldings
• Purchase and use of chemical products and material indexes
• Gasses and inflammable liquids
• Technical matters and tools
• Protective equipment: Acquisition, use and maintenance
• Protective actions for noise
• Cranes
• Lift straps and lifts
• Truck and truck-driving
• Electrical installation: Installation, maintenance and inspection
• Air-pressure units
• Boilers
• Ventilation
• Storage and delivery of special waste products
• System for auditing reports

We also have a short version of the HSE handbook available if requested. spennteknikk@spennteknikk.no