KB Gruppen was established in 1965 under the name Kongsvinger Betongindustri. Today the company is solely a holding and property company comprising of Betong Øst AS, Contiga AS, KB Spennteknikk AS, and Strøm Gundersen AS. The KB group's shareholders also own Ø.M. Fjeld AS and Gunnar Holth Grusforretning AS.

The company is still deeply rooted in the Kongsvinger area, and has its own property division, which manages a total of 20.000m2
of floor space. The company's markets now extend to cover the whole of Scandinavia. KB-Gruppen aims to be a complete partner for Scandinavian businesses in their special areas.


Ø.M. Fjeld AS is the leading construction firm in Hedmark County. They have carried out the most important building projects in the southern part of the county for the last half-century. Today they are also working in the construction sector carrying out amongst other things the restoration of concrete structures. Ø.M. Fjeld AS has a workforce of 180 and a turnover of NOK 240 million per annum.

Telephone: + 47 62 81 50 22.


CONTIGA AS is the leading producer of steel- and concrete elements in Norway, and is the only company offering concrete, steel and advanced construction expertise in the same company. The product range includes all types of elements for the industrial, office, business and housing and communication sectors. The company employs 250 people and has a turnover of NOK 350 million per annum. The head office is in Oslo, and the concrete elements are produced in factories in the city of Moss and Fredrikstad, while the steel construction is based in Kongsvinger.

Telephone: + 47 23 24 89 00. Internet: http://www.contiga.no


KB Spennteknikk AS has been one of the leading companies in Scandinavia in the fields of post tensioning constructions, stay cables, bearings and expansion joints for bridges and large buildings for many years. Other areas of expertise are heavy lifting, as well as the production of dampers and special mechanical products. KB Spennteknikk has an annual turnover of NOK 50-60 million and a staff of 40. The company's headquarters are in Kongsvinger with the subsidiary company Spännteknik AB based in Sweden.

Head Office in Norway Telephone: + 47 62 81 00 30.


Betong Øst AS heads the group's efforts in the concrete sector and is a major producer and supplier of ready mixed concrete. The company is the market leader in the field of ready mixed concrete in southeast Norway, with production plants in Akershus, Hedmark and Oppland. The companies’ head office is in Kongsvinger. Turnover ready mixed concrete and transport totals approximately NOK 120 million, with a workforce of 45 people.

Telephone: + 47 62 88 81 11.


Gunnar Holth Grusforretning AS is a nation-wide producer of gravel. The company quarries over the whole country with mobile crushing equipment and is able to take on all types of projects in all types of conditions. They have 40 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 75 million.

Telephone: + 47 62 88 81 33.